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Monday, March 3, 2008

Mary A. Dunbar - Going Home

Mary Dunbar is going home. The Kankakee Sheriff's Department confirmed today that Mary was matched with a Jane Doe located in 1999. Mary's family has been notified and are coming to take Mary home. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mary's family during this difficult time. We are thankful and grateful to the Kankakee Sheriff's department for never giving up.

Mary was last seen in the Hopkins Park area on June 20, 1997.

No other information has been received regarding the Jane Doe.


Anonymous said...

Hello I am Mary's Sister and i would like to make a comment to your site. i am appreciative to you whomever that you would post this info on my sister. But you are mistaken on the kankakee sheriff dept and them giving up. It took them eight years to tell us that they had a match and that she was all along sitting on their shelves. its been almost two years and my sister's murder has not been solved and nor are they looking. Last i check. The detective on her case will not speak to me nor any of our family. so once again we are in the dark about my sister's case. If you want to post my sisters pic and praise a police dept that is bias racist and corrupt please know your facts. This is the fifth time in my family that a loved one has been just erased and they don't put forth any effort. Try being me and having to identify your sister's fragmented remains and then having to hold on to ashes that have no place to rest. I lost hope in our country then and i still have no faith in it now. My sister didn't ask for what was handed to us but we dealt with it the best we know how. I thank God everyday for life, for breath and for the family that i have raised to be good decent human beings. Again i thank u but your information is wrong when it comes to the police/sheriff dept. They didn't care then and they didn't care now. Until you are in our shoes and are dealing and going thru what we are going thru know ur facts. i am not being rude but our family really just want to let this go and move on with our lives but when we see untrue statements, it just open up old wounds. The world is one cruel place and the cruelest of people are the one's we trust to protect and serve us.
They even admitted they did wrong, but no one paid attention to that.
My sister was a human being and not one word was spoken or printed about her before the admitted they had her. Now i look on the internet and see all the praises on that sheriff dept and how they treated our family during my sisters funeral. and even when i email and call how rude they are to me or my siblings. They never gave up? No you mean "I" never gave up. Her Sister!