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Saturday, July 28, 2007

More Mendhall....Unfortunately

Belinda Cartwright was hitchhiking through Georgia in 2001, when she accepted a ride with a trucker. At a truck stop in Lake Point, Georgia, she got out of the truck. The truck started up and Belinda ran back to stop the truck to retrieve her belongings: pictures of her young sons and her Bible. The truck driver did not stop, however, and with his hand out of the window he pushed her away, rolled over her and left, leaving her crushed, broken body on the pavement. The composite sketch of the truck driver is below. Belinda's family and law enforcement are looking strongly at suspected serial killer Bruce D Mendenhall..... How many more victims, I wonder? More than six...it seems.

There's the Jane Doe found in Thomasboro in 1995 - in a farmers field, possibly having been shot multiple times. Link to the Jane Doe is below from The Doe Network. Thomasboro is 148 miles north of Albion, almost a straight shot up IL-130 and I57. And the list goes on and on...